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During high school, as a young technical nerd, I had the fortune of implementing an electronic inventory management system for a department store near my home in Placerville, California. I strived to learn all about the business and got involved in Purchasing, Marketing, Customer Service and two days of the week I was the resident bookkeeper.

Post high school and during my university days, I worked briefly as a customer service representative at a Fortune 500 bank. Moving up the ladder I moved from rep to supervisor to assistant manager…eventually becoming an operations manager to a banking branch in the San Jose bay area.

I was too detached from my love of technology, however, and when a position as a technical training manager came up, I transferred up to the banking HQ: creating and training courses on a variety of subjects including word processing, excel, banking systems and project management.

About this time, internet technology was taking off, and websites were moving away from their brochure-ware roots and becoming more and more sophisticated by connecting to line of business data. Intranets were the new "black" and I jumped on a job to run the bank's Intranet.

So here I am almost 10 years later, still working with intranets and internets, still a technology geek, enjoying helping companies communicate and collaborate more effectively as a Sr. Architect and the Collaboration Practice Leader for Habanero Consulting Group. It’s a great ride. I love my work.


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